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Three Common Conditions A Speech Pathologist Can Help Your Child With

Learning to speak and communicate is a vital skill that all children must learn. Some children struggle a little bit, and that is to be expected. There are many different types of conditions and hurdles that can be causing these issues with communication and all can be helped and managed to some degree. Some can be cured fully, while others might require ongoing treat

What You Should Know About Prescription Drugs For Weight Loss

Obesity is common in the U.S. and can make daily life more difficult. If you are obese, you may have difficulty moving around and be at risk of several health issues, such as diabetes and heart disease. If your doctor has suggested trying prescription medication to lose weight, you should learn as much about these drugs as you can. Here is some important information y

2 Ways To Utilize Medical Cannabis When You Don't Want To Smoke It

If medical marijuana is legal in your state, then you likely know that some people smoke medical cannabis to help treat chronic health problems. However, if you would like to use medical cannabis to treat your chronic health problem but do not like the idea of smoking it, then you should learn about the alternative ways you can utilize this plant to treat your chronic

How Mental Health Services Help Successful Adults And Seniors Struggling With Co-Occuring Disorders

Over the years, sudden mental breakdowns have occurred in many individuals. These moments may seem to come out of nowhere and may be shocking to some people. However, these issues rarely occur for no reason and may be related to co-occuring disorders that may include various substance abuse problems. Thankfully, mental health treatment can manage this situation. Comor

How Mental Illness Can Contribute To Sleep Disturbances

There are many underlying types of sleep disturbances and underlying causes. In some instances, sleep problems are not a separate condition but a manifestation of mental illness. There are several psychological problems that could be destroying your sleep. Affective Disorders Affective, or mood, disorders can be a common culprit for sleep disturbances. People with dep