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An Insurance Plan That Can Keep Your Children's Teeth Healthy

Living paycheck to paycheck is a reality for many working Americans and being low on funds can come with many shortfalls. Fortunately, the health of your children's teeth does not need to be disregarded. If you qualify for Medicaid, your child will be able to visit a dentist who accepts this type of insurance.

Medicaid Will Cover Preventive and Restorative Services

Instilling the importance of brushing and flossing should be introduced to children when they are young. In addition to measures that are taken at home, it is important for a child's teeth to be examined by a dentist, at least twice each year. The alignment of a child's teeth or the threat of decay could have a bearing on what types of preventive measures are recommended and problems may not be evident until a thorough exam has been completed.

After filling out a Medicaid application and being approved for the program, insurance cards will be mailed to you. Each card will have one of your children's names printed on it and you will need to present these cards during each dental appointment. Teeth cleanings, extractions, X-rays, and the restoration of damaged teeth will be covered by your insurance plan. You may be responsible for a small copayment. This amount will be specified to you via the paperwork that you receive with the new insurance cards.

You Can Receive A Referral Or Check Out Places On Your Own

Not all dentists will accept Medicaid as a method of payment. If you are unfamiliar with any children's dentists in the area, ask your caseworker for a referral or call around to several dentist practices, to ask if Medicaid is accepted. Inquire about what you can expect during an initial appointment. Most dentists will probably complete an oral examination and provide feedback of their discoveries, before moving on to any procedural work.

This will give you plenty of time to prepare your child for dental work. A children's dental practice will usually promote a friendly atmosphere that will make young children feel comfortable during their visits. You may even be able to accompany each of your children into the room that is being used for examination purposes.

After the appointment has concluded, make a followup appointment for each child. If your employment status ever changes or if you begin earning more money than usual, contact your local human services office to learn more about Medicaid Dental and whether your Medicaid account can be updated.