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Four Ways To Prepare For A Coolscultping Treatment

If you have stubborn patches of fat under your chin or on your abdomen,back, or thighs, Coolsculpting may be a great way to reduce them. Coolsculpting involves destroying fat cells by lowering their temperature, allowing your body to absorb them and, over time, reducing the fat in your target area. Once you have decided you would like to try Coolsculpting, there are a few things you should do. 

Make Sure You Are Near Your Ideal Weight

Coolsculpting is not a weight loss procedure. Instead, it is a body sculpting procedure. You should be at or close to your ideal weight before you begin Coolsculpting treatment. It is a good idea to get to your ideal weight and make sure you are able to maintain it for some time before starting Coolsculpting. This will allow you to develop a plan for removing specific areas of fat. 

Consult With An Experienced Coolsculpting Provider

To find out what results are realistic, you should consult with an experienced Coolsculpting provider. They will help you assess your current fat deposits and determine which ones can be most effectively reduced with Coolsculpting. Your treatment provider may recommend other treatments in addition to or instead of Coolsculpting, depending on several factors. It is helpful to go into your initial consultation with some concrete goals and an open mind. 

Bring Comfortable Clothes

Once you have a treatment plan, you should get ready for your appointment. You should dress in comfortable clothes such as yoga pants and a loose top. You should discuss whether or not you need compression underwear with your provider. Sometimes it can help ease after-treatment discomfort. Even in warm weather, you may want a sweatshirt or wrap to wear during and after the treatment. 

Prepare to Relax

Treatment sessions can take as little as half an hour but often extend longer, especially if you are planning to treat multiple areas. For the duration of the treatment, you will lie in one spot. Some clinics offer televisions or tablets, but you should consider bringing your own laptop, tablet, book, or music player if you want to have specific entertainment available. Don't forget to charge your devices beforehand or bring your chargers. Some people even choose to work during their treatment sessions. 

Preparing for Coolsculpting treatment appropriately will help you get the most out of your sessions. If you have any questions, you shouldn't hesitate to contact your provider.