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Establish A Safe Workplace For Your Employees

Have you just been made manager over the warehouse portion of your place of employment? Maybe the warehouse has equipment like forklifts and other machinery that could pose serious risks to the workers. If so, maybe you have decided that, as a brand-new manager, you will do everything in your power to make sure safety is enforced. If you are looking for suggestions that can help you to fulfill that important safety goal, read on for some ideas that might turn out to be very important.

Schedule A Work Injury Prevention Program 

Consider arranging for experts to instruct your workers. Consider putting out the word ahead of time that everybody will be expected to attend the injury prevention program. If the workers work in different shifts, make sure that you schedule the program at a time when everybody will be able to attend. For example, if your business is closed on weekends, consider planning a Saturday morning breakfast and then having the program at the end of the meal. 

Here are some of the things that might be covered in the injury prevention program. 

If pre-placement physicals weren't done to begin with, those should happen in the very near future. Accountability for the physicals should be in place, too. A system for checking tools and equipment frequently should be implemented.

The importance of wearing things like hard hats and safety shoes at all times will be stressed. Extra hard hats should be available for visitors or others who come into the workplace.

Dangerous chemicals should be stored appropriately. Oil spills and other messes should be cleaned up immediately to avoid falls.

Ask Questions and Brainstorm Ideas

During the meeting, there will be ample time for workers to ask questions and to address concerns. The environment at the meeting will be such that workers will feel comfortable making suggestions that will make the workplace a better and safer place for everybody. 

After the meeting is over, think of other things you can do to establish a safe workplace. For instance, order custom signs that give a message of safety. Here are some ideas to get you started on what the signs might say.

When you implement the things you learned at the prevention program, you will more than likely notice that there will be less absence from work and fewer trips to the emergency room.

For more tips, reach out to a workplace injury prevention service near you.