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Pain In Your Toes? What May Be The Problem

Your toes take a lot throughout each and every day. Think about it, your toes are leading your body through wherever you take it. You've stubbed them, burned them, probably froze them once or twice, and have squished them too. Your toes take a lot, but if you're experiencing pain that persists, it can create a lot of problems when you're trying to walk or do just about anything. If you have pain in your toes, read on for information that may help you figure out what may be the problem.

Your Shoes

Your footwear choice may be what is causing your toe pain. If you are wearing shoes that are too narrow at the toe, it could be squishing your toes together and can also cut off the circulation to your toes. If your shoes are too tall, such as a high heel, it can cause a problem with your toes being pushed forward and the pressure on your toes can cause them to go numb, or give you a lot of pain. If you wear high heels, shoes without a lot of support, or shoes that are too narrow for your feet, you need to change your footwear and find different shoes that fit your feet properly and allow your toes plenty of room.

Your Circulation

You could have poor circulation that may be causing your toe pain. The pain that you are feeling may be numbness or a tingling sensation. If you have poor circulation, it could be caused by a number of things including health issues such as heart conditions or even diabetes. If you have poor circulation, you're going to need to do something about your circulation. Seeing your physician about any of these issues is very important.

Your Bone

You may actually have a bunion growing on the side of your bone in your big toe, which is causing you so much pain in your toe. If you have a bunion, you'll notice a protruding bump coming out of the side of your big toe. This is usually caused by wearing shoes that are too narrow or too small for your feet. If you have a bunion, it can sometimes be treated by wearing shoes that fit properly and also wearing a wrap around your foot. Sometimes a bunion needs to be treated with surgery. If you have a bunion, you're going to need to talk to your podiatrist.

If you have pain in your toes, it's best to talk to a local podiatrist about this pain and to help narrow down what has caused the problem, as well as how to treat the issue. Make an appointment today.