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Preventative Foot Care For Warehouse Workers

Working in a warehouse is a stable job, but it can also be hard on your body — and particularly on your feet. When you're standing and walking around all day, you become increasingly prone to a wide range of foot issues, including plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. However, waiting for these injuries to appear is an inefficient way to deal with them. You should instead consider seeing a podiatrist for the following preventative care services.

1. Shoe Inserts

You can buy gel and padded shoe inserts at the pharmacy, but you'll have to guess as to where you need support and how much padding is ideal for your foot shape. A podiatrist can instead recommend a specialized shoe insert that ensures your weight is evenly distributed, which will help prevent injuries. If you are already prone to certain injuries, they can design the shoe inserts with that in mind. For example, if you've suffered from plantar fasciitis in the past, your podiatrist may recommend a shoe insert with more padding in the heel to prevent the issue from coming back.

2. Toenail Trimming

Ingrown toenails are a major problem for many warehouse workers. The downward pressure of shoes on toenails can force them under the skin over time. This is made worse by the fact that many people trim their toenails improperly, clipping off the sides rather than cutting straight across. While you're in to see the podiatrist, have them give your toenails a proper trim. You can then follow their "outline" when trimming your toenails at home, helping to prevent ingrown nails.

3. Night Splints

Your podiatrist may also recommend a night splint, which is a padded splint you can wear on your foot at night. The shape of this splint will depend on the anatomy of your foot and the issues you are prone to. For instance, if your podiatrist finds that your arch is really tight, they may recommend a splint that stretches out your arch at night. If they find that your toes are beginning to distort and develop hammertoe, they may recommend a splint that keeps your toes straight at night. Wearing a specialized splint at night can help counteract the effects of spending all day on your feet.

The preventative care services that podiatrists offer can be very helpful for warehouse workers and for anyone else who spends the day walking and standing. Talk to your podiatrist, and see what they recommend for you.