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Osteoporosis Treatment Options

Osteoporosis is a condition that is characterized by the bones becoming very brittle and porous. There are several different causes and treatments for the disease, though it can sometimes be hard to deal with. The beginning of any osteoporosis treatment starts with a diagnosis. There are several different symptoms that could be indicators of an osteoporosis problem, including breaking bones, a loss of your stature, and pain in your back or hips. Experiencing these symptoms will likely take you to your doctor or rheumatologist, who specializes in autoimmune disorders. When osteoporosis is suspected, your doctor will likely order a bone density scan, which will tell just how brittle your bones are. The more brittle your bones are, the more likely you are to have a serious break in your pelvis or back. There are many treatments that can be administered to treat osteoporosis in different ways. They include but are not limited to the following:


There are several medications on the market today that can slow the breakdown of bone. They are usually taken at the same time monthly, though each pill varies. They have been found to be effective, though some people experience stomach upset as a result of ingesting the medication. Regardless, most people choose this treatment method because of its ease and the low cost associated with medications. Many insurances cover this method as well.


There are two medications that can be infused into the bloodstream in an attempt to slow osteoporosis symptoms. Since infusions bypass the digestive system, there is usually no stomach upset associated with infused medications. Infusions sometimes cause the immune system to become compromised, leaving the patient vulnerable for cold and flu symptoms. Many prefer infusions because they do not have to remember their monthly medications. 


For individuals who are suffering from extreme osteoporosis, surgery may be the best option. People who have very brittle backbones can actually have a bonelike substance injected into their spine, strengthening the bones against breaking. It is actually not that big of a surgery, though it can be extremely effective. 

In conclusion, the osteoporosis treatment that is chosen by your doctor will be a direct result of your specific situation. You may even want to get multiple opinions on the best treatment method in order to move forward with confidence. Talk to your doctor to get the ball rolling. With osteoporosis working against you, there is no time to waste.