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What Services Are Commonly Provided In A Clinical Cardiac Care Center?

Being told you have a heart condition can be very scary news. This often leaves patients with questions of what type of treatment is necessary, which specialist should be seen and is it possible to improve the condition. Fortunately, these questions can be answered by the experts that provide care at a clinical cardiac care center. These are some of the many services provided by this type of facility.

Diagnostic Tests

The physicians at a clinical cardiac care center perform a wide variety of diagnostic tests. These tests may include cardiac imaging, electrocardiograms, echocardiograms, Holter monitoring, and stress tests. This helps patients be accurately diagnosed with the correct type of heart condition so they can be treated properly. Once the heart specialist is aware of what types of symptoms the patient is having, he will decide which diagnostic tests need to be done.

Emergency Heart Care

Clinical cardiac care centers are often connected with the emergency department of the hospital they are affiliated with. This allows them to quickly treat patients who come in with chest pains that may be experiencing cardiac arrest. The facility also has surgeons that can perform heart surgery on those patients who need immediate surgical treatment. Clinical cardiac care centers can provide the same care that an emergency department does, however, this care may be more quickly available because they only see heart condition patients.

Recovery And Rehabilitation Services

Patients who have suffered heart attacks or had heart surgery also receive recovery and rehabilitation services at a clinical cardiac care center. This often included different types of physical therapy, counseling and special diet plans that help speed up recovery and get the patient back to a healthy normal lifestyle more quickly.

Clinical Trials

Clinical cardiac care centers also perform clinical trials with various types of medical treatments that can improve the health of patients who have heart conditions. This may include testing new medications, procedures or equipment that may prevent, treat or cure heart disease.

Clinical cardiac care centers normally employ cardiologists, heart surgeons and other heart specialists that work together as a team to provide the best of care to heart condition patients. There may also be heart care therapists at these facilities so that heart patients can receive all necessary heart care at one location. This also gives patients peace of mind in knowing they are receiving optimal care from those who specialize in heart care.