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Nurse Practitioners And The Care They Provide

Nowadays, many medical practices include nurse practitioners. Still, some patients may be a bit apprehensive about making an appointment to see a nurse practitioner because they don't have the same title as a medical doctor. Nevertheless, a nurse practitioner may be more similar to a physician than many people think.

Here is a bit of information about nurse practitioners and the care that they can provide.

What Type of Education Does a Nurse Practitioner Have?

A nurse practitioner has a registered nursing degree. In addition, they have a master's or doctorate degree. These medical professionals may also receive a board certification in certain specialties, such as family practice. Thus, they receive extensive training in their field.

What Services Can a Nurse Practitioner Offer?

A nurse practitioner can perform a large number of procedures without the assistance or oversight of a physician. Here are a few services that a nurse practitioner may offer:

How Do Nurse Practitioners and Doctors Differ?

A nurse practitioner is quite similar to a doctor. However, although a nurse practitioner completes more training than a standard registered nurse, they don't have the degree of education that a physician does. 

Also, doctors are licensed by a medical board. Nurse practitioners are licensed by a nursing board.

Should You See a Doctor or a Nurse Practitioner?

The provider that you choose should be based on your needs and the urgency of your care. Nurse practitioners can often provide the services that you need, and due to a growing shortage of physicians, they are generally able to see you quicker than a doctor. Still, if you require surgery, a nurse practitioner is likely unable to complete your procedure without a doctor present.

To schedule an appointment with a nurse practitioner, contact a medical practice in your local area.