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Choosing Between A Body Lift And Multiple Skin Removal Surgeries

People who have lost a significant amount of weight are often left with loose skin all over their body. Fortunately, there are several procedures that can remove excess skin. A body lift is one option to reduce excess skin on the abdomen, back, and lower body, but for some people, having each surgery individually might be the right option.

Healing Time

When considering whether to have a single, more complex surgery, healing time can be a deciding factor. After any procedure, especially those to remove excess skin on the abdomen, you may be severely limited in your mobility for weeks. Additionally, post-operative swelling can be significant even after the incisions have healed. Having multiple surgeries may require just as much or more healing time than having a single, more complex surgery. People who have limited time off from their job or other obligations might find it is better to have a single procedure than to divide up the work over multiple surgeries.


Although any procedure to remove excess skin will improve the aesthetics of your body, multiple procedures might produce better aesthetic results. People who are having excess skin removed for medical reasons or to increase their quality of life may simply want as much skin removed as possible during a single surgery. With multiple surgeries, the surgeon may find it easier to sculpt certain areas. For example, if you have excess skin on your back, a bra-line back lift will likely take of more skin in the target area and hide the scar than the amount of skin removed during a body lift. Similar results could happen if you choose to have a lower body lift instead of depending on a body lift to reduce excess skin on your buttocks and thighs.

Amount Of Abdominal Skin

The amount of excess abdominal skin you have and whether there is laxity in the horizontal plane may affect whether a body lift is ideal. When people have loose skin that not only sags downward but spreads side-to-side, a fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty is necessary to give the best results. Not all surgeons may perform this type of abdominoplasty as part of a body lift. If only a standard abdominoplasty is part of the body lift, you will not be completely satisfied with the results and are likely to have significant excess skin remaining on your abdomen. Having a separate procedure to address your abdomen will not only result in better contouring of the abdomen, but excess skin on the lower back may be reduced.

When you have several areas with excess skin, there are advantages to both a body lift and having separate procedures. For most people, the approach that gives them the best end result will be the appropriate decision. Contact plastic surgeons near you to get professional opinions today.