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3 Things You Need To Know About THC & CBD Sublingual Strips

When it comes to methods of obtaining a medical dose of THC and CBD, the two most common cannabinoids, there are several different products you can use to get your dosage. One of the newest products on the market are sublingual strips that contain a specific dosage of either THC, CBD, or both.

Sublingual Strips Deliver Cannabis Directly to Your Bloodstream

Sublingual strips may be new to the cannabis industry, but they are not new to the overall medical industry. Sublingual strips are placed under your tongue, and they are broken down by the moisture in your mouth, allowing whatever is infused in the strip to be absorbed via your oral mucosa directly into your bloodstream.

When applied to the medical cannabis industry, sublingual strips can be used to deliver THC or CBD directly to your bloodstream. This is a more direct delivery method than cannabis edibles, where the product has to pass through your liver before entering your bloodstream.

Sublingual Strips Provide Exact Dosage

One of the issues that many people struggle with who depend upon medical cannabis is getting an exact and consistent dosage. When you vape or smoke flowers, you have some general control over the dosage, but not exact control. Even edibles have little room for error when it comes to dosage.

One of the best ways to ensure an exact dosage is with sublingual strips. Each strip will contain an exact and pre-determined amount of THC and/or CBD, allowing you to easily monitor and control the dosage that you take.

Sublingual Strips Are Discrete

If you are taking medical cannabis for a specific condition, you may need to consume medical cannabis when you are in public or around other individuals. You may not want to obviously light up a joint or eat a medical cannabis edible when you need your dosage. Taking a sublingual strip can be a discrete way to get your dosage. As sublingual strips are used within the medical industry to deliver a variety of medical drugs, it will just look like you are taking a normal medical dosage and will not signify to others around you that your dosage is medical cannabis. You can keep your medical information and needs to yourself when you are around others with sublingual strips.

If you take medical cannabis for a specific condition and are looking for a way to control your dosage, consider trying out THC strips, where medical cannabis is quickly delivered to your bloodstream via a discrete delivery method. For more questions regarding THC strips, contact a a medical cannabis dispensary.