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In A World With So Many Options, Botox Still Reigns Supreme

These days, if you have wrinkles and fine lines you are tired of looking at, you have so many different options for dealing with them. You can get a surgical facelift or mini facelift. You can use plumping creams and serums, or you can have a filler injected into your skin. Among all of these options, however, there is still a classic standby that deserves attention: Botox. Here are some reasons why Botox still reigns supreme as a means of dealing with wrinkles.

Botox has a long track record of safety. 

Botox was initially approved by the FDA in 1989. It was approved for cosmetic use in 2002. Most other means of treating wrinkles and fine lines are newer, and they don't have as many years of research and success to back them up. Botox can occasionally lead to side effects, but researchers have had plenty of time to research what these side effects are and how to minimize the risk of them. There are people who have been using Botox for decades successfully, so there's no major concern of long-term, surprise side effects. 

Botox does not require surgery and causes minimal discomfort.

While facelift procedures have come a long way, enabling women to get good results with less pain and shorter healing time, they are still invasive surgical procedures. Getting Botox is a lot less invasive. All the procedure entails is a few injections. You'll feel a pinch or a slight pricking sensation, but most people would not really even describe it as painful but just a little uncomfortable. And while the area you have treated might feel a little tight and sore for a day or two after the procedure, you can go right back to work and should not have discomfort that requires you to change your routines in any way.

The results look natural.

Some women are turning to filler for relief from wrinkles, and while these work, they can yield results that look a bit fake and overdone. Botox tends to look more natural. Just make sure you let your doctor know that your goal is to look natural, so they can go easy on the treatment. Of course, if you want a really bold and more obvious look, they can achieve that by simply using more of the injectable solution.

Botox has remained a top choice for treating wrinkles — a designation that is well-deserved for the reasons discussed above. For more information, reach out to a company like Mansfield Plastic Surgery LLC today.