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How Do You Properly Maintain A Hearing Aid?

When you have trouble hearing, a hearing aid can be a major addition to encourage a better quality of life. To properly maintain your hearing aids, there are certain tips to keep in mind. 

1. Always store your hearing aid in a dry and cool place. 

When you initially get your hearing aids, you will be given a nice case to keep them in when they are not in use. Make sure you always enclose the aids in this case when you take them off. These cases are designed to keep moisture out because moisture can be severely damaging to your hearing aids. Likewise, the aids should be stored in a cool place. You should never: 

2. Clean your devices on a regular basis. 

Ear wax is just a part of natural human life, so when you are placing something in your ear every day, you are going to get wax on what's going in. In order to keep your hearing aids clean, they should be cleaned carefully on a pretty regular basis. You can get cleaning kits from the audiologist, and your hearing aids may even come with some small cleaning tools. However, you can simply wipe off the units with a pre-moistened alcohol pad as needed. 

3. Change the filter for wax if equipped. 

Some hearing aids have a tiny wax filter that is designed to catch waxy particles before they fall into the aid. If your devices have these filters, follow the manufacturer's guidelines about when they should be changed. 

4. Never leave old batteries in your hearing aid. 

If you will not be using your hearing aid for long periods of time, go ahead and take the batteries out and store them separately. Many people leave their batteries in place for far too long, and the old batteries corrode and break down inside of the aid, which can lead to irreparable damage to the aid. 

5. Handle your hearing aids carefully. 

Yes, modern-day hearing aids are far more resilient than they once were. However, even modern-day aids can break if they are not handled properly. Never put direct pressure on the device, do your best not to drop it, and be careful about how you handle your hearing aid in general. 

For more tips or help, contact local hearing aid maintenance services