Get Health and Medical Information You Need

Get Health and Medical Information You Need

Medical Cannabis Is Not Just For Cancer Patients

You've probably seen a lot of news articles and posts explaining how beneficial medical cannabis can be for cancer patients. It not only eases pain but helps combat the nausea and fatigue that come with chemotherapy. Indeed, medical cannabis is wonderful for anyone battling cancer — but it's also a great option for patients with other conditions and concerns. Here's a

Four Ways To Prepare For A Coolscultping Treatment

If you have stubborn patches of fat under your chin or on your abdomen,back, or thighs, Coolsculpting may be a great way to reduce them. Coolsculpting involves destroying fat cells by lowering their temperature, allowing your body to absorb them and, over time, reducing the fat in your target area. Once you have decided you would like to try Coolsculpting, there are a

How Outsourced Medical Transcription Helps Hospitals Hit Hard By COVID-19

The highly contagious and dangerous nature of COVID-19 has created a major impact on hospitals around the world, as they struggle to not only care for their patients but track each case successfully. Any hospital struggling with this demand and employee burnout may want to consider outsourcing their medical transcription to keep their care safe.  COVID-19 Will Co

Questions You May Have Before Slap Tear Surgery

A SLAP tear is one of the most painful and inhibiting shoulder injuries that you can suffer from, apart from a fracture. It is basically a tear of the connective tissue that attaches your bicep muscle to the labrum. If you suffer a SLAP tear, it is very likely that you will need surgery to repair the damage — and undergoing shoulder surgery can be scary! You will feel

Four Issues That Will Determine Your Hemorrhoid Treatment

From at-home symptom management to surgical removal, there are many options for treating hemorrhoids. Non-surgical professional treatments may involve banding, laser removal or other forms of coagulation. With so many options, you may wonder which one is right for you. Fortunately, treatment decisions are usually based on several simple factors, so they are relatively